About Us

Skilltivate  is ‘the process of cultivation of new skills’. Bearing this in mind, it has been our goal to enable people to teach or study a subject or craft that they are truly passionate about.

Our range of workshops and courses go beyond textbook learning, so every person may be able to pursue a skill that is not taught to them in a standard education.

At Skilltivate, we connect people of arts, sports and more to a dynamic network of data, so you are empowered as a teacher looking for business or student looking to hone your skill.

In order to truly empower our teachers and students we now also have an ecommerce platform that allows you to sell/ buy products that are aesthetically curated and handcrafted.


Company Profile – 

Founded in 2018, Skilltivate is a forward-thinking platform that enables users to search, book, organise and sell vocational skills events and products. 

Belief – 

In a world powered by technology and the convenience of AI, we at Skilltivate, believe in the power of a human being. We believe that a developed society begins when a people hone their skills, develop their minds and create something fulfilling by themselves.

With the rise of AI, more people face the threat of being replaced by a machine. That is why it is imperative that people do more than just a job that puts bread on the table. It is of paramount importance to re-skill people of various professions on a continuous basis to help them find new opportunities and verticals to build their careers.

Terms and Conditions: Participant

  1. Please read Terms and Conditions of the Organisers (if any) under Organiser TnC in this post. In case of any common TnC, Organiser TnC’s will hold precedence.
  2. Site wide Terms and Conditions can be read here
  3. Skilltivate merely acts as a marketing and ticketing partner to all organisers on their platform. Skilltivate plays no role in organising (unless otherwise mentioned) of the workshop, venue, content, materials etc. Any act, mishap, dispute of the participant/organiser with respect to the overall conduct of the workshop/course, its content, materials etc. is between them, and Skilltivate holds no responsibility or liability toward the same.
  4. Tickets once purchased are refundable subject to terms mentioned in the Refunds and Cancellation Section of the site.
  5. If you wish to cancel your participation for the event, please inform at least 48 hours prior. No refunds will be provided for any cancellations within 48 hours of the workshop.
  6. Skilltivate is not responsible for any damages/losses that you may incur at the workshop/venue.
  7. We reserve the right to change the venue due to unforeseen circumstances prior to the workshop. You will be notified for the same via email/WhatsApp/phone.
  8. Please make sure to be on time. The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to a latecomer. No refund would be provided for such a situation.


  1. You may cancel your participation for a course/workshop 7 days prior to the commencement of the course/workshop to be entitled for a fill refund (after deducting Bank Charges).
  2. If you cancel your participation within 7 days of commencement of the course/workshop, the refunds will be provided at the discretion of the Organiser (including your liabilities towards Skilltivate). This is done to prevent our Organisers from running courses/workshops without the required minimum number of students.
  3. You may cancel your order for dispatch of a particular product, before the shipment has been initiated. In case if the shipment has been initiated, you will be liable towards packaging and shipment charges


  1. We will provide full refunds in case a product reaches to you either damaged or not as per the description of the product as mentioned on the website. You are advised to check the condition of the product on receipt and in case of any damages, inform the delivery personnel immediately.
  2. Since the nature of the products sold on the site are of “Custom make” or “Make to Order” or are not mass produced, but made by local artisans and small mom and pop shops, we will not be able to accept any returns in any other case.