There is no specific definition of art. It’s an individual perspective that makes one portrait beautiful. No painting can be beautiful or ugly. Just like the camera captures one image on its roll, in a similar way a person captures an image in its eyes and pours it out with colors. whether it is black or white or filled with various colors doesn’t matter.

It’s the thought which counts. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. A single image has many different approaches. An artist who makes the image and a person who conceives it.I am no professional artist. When I began sketching, I was merely a student who completed her tenth standard and was looking for something to pass time or rather to spend time productively during my vacation.

Initially, when u start the basics of it, it might get a bit monotonous or in a simple language boring as you’re a rookie. But with time, when you actually get the grip of it, you start enjoying. Some people are a prodigy at it and some practice it to make it perfect.

I was no prodigy so every image was a challenge to me. There is no easy image or hard. And there is no same image. Every single person is an artist. There is nothing which practice cannot make you do. It is not your pencils which make a sketch beautiful but your approach towards, your determination, your skills.

In my personal experience, as an artist who has been making and learning a different form of sketches from the past 5 years, nothing can compare to the feeling you get when you complete one of your sketches. A sense of accomplishment and appreciation from your friends, family and even strangers is impeccable. Sense of making something new makes you driven. Inspiration is what you need to create something unique on paper. 

for me, sketching is a hobby, not a profession and I know that I will never be able to take it as occupation as I don’t really have the heart to sell it. I pick up my pencils when I am bored or fill like making something. Or when I am tired of my daily routine life and want something different. It is not something which I can do day and night. But for everyone it’s different. 

Every time when I pick my pencil I want to create something which is different from all my previous sketches, something which is different from every other sketch on the planet. I want to add something of my own to make it look apart from others. It’s not the competition that drives me but my willingness to create something of my own.

When I look at my past sketches I feel accomplished, satisfied. It makes me remember how I started with this art and my journey till far. It also drives me make more. To learn more. To experiment more.

To try something different. To put my hands on different kinds of mediums of sketching. Every medium has its own specialty and uniqueness. It’s you who can decide which medium you like best but that should not make you run away from other sources of art. Unless you try, you can never feel fully satisfied. Everyone has the skill to be an artist who can sketch or paint. Its motivation and inspiration that you need to cultivate your skills to produce something which makes you work look apart from others. And even if your work is no different, it doesn’t matter because you don’t sketch to make others happy but to accomplish something of your own.

  • Nupur Parasrampuria

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