Getting Started

Skilltivate is an online marketplace for vocational skills based learning. This can be done through long term or short term workshops/courses based on the requirement of the particular skill being learnt/taught. 

How do we work? 

Skilltivate partners with various institutes, cafes and private spaces that allow conducting workshops, classes, events, and other curated activities. 

For teachers and partners

When a teacher registers with us, we provide an opportunity to conduct activities with all our partners.

When a partner wishes to conduct an activity at their place, we provide options of teachers who have registered with us. 

We also conduct activities with people who are already an existing conductor, they will be equipped with marketing material and infrastructure to promote and conduct classes.

For students

Students are allowed to register on our site for any workshop/ course that are of interest with them at a convenient location. They will also be updated with similar sessions post registration.