Teacher’s Handbook


Vinisha Savla

Vinisha Savla, Founder of Paintology and an Interior Designer by profession. Painting is her hobby which she pursued as her profession, but had always her hands at colors since childhood. With a curioisity to spead colors, she started this and her mother- Prafulla Shah is a backbone to her dream.

Paintology – a platform where people can come and explore the hidden artist
within them. A space where people have the freedom to let our their creative
skills, a notion where we make you feel and love colours!

Paintology aims at spreading smiles with colors!


Snehal Patil

Snehal Patil, Founder at Bombay Drawing Room and Director at Painterly Arts Pvt Ltd. Snehal aims to change the way people get together while unleashing their creative potential. Bombay Drawing Room is doing this by making – creating art accessible to the masses.

Here art becomes a part of everyday settings such as hanging out with friends, hosting a family reunion or attending a fun at work session planned by the hour. Apart from her ever cheerful and positive nature, she is always appreciated for her willingness to assist and help out others.

Urmi’s Art forum

Komal Ullal

Komal Ullal, founding partner at Urmi’s Art forum, a forum that provides a platform to achieve career success in fine/visual art & design. Encourages deriving inner peace by converting hobby, creativity into a profession. Art Teaching experience since 2006.

On February 10th, 2004 Komal, awarded the NATIONAL BALASHREE HONOUR – 2002 in the field of Creative Art, by His Excellency, The President of India, Dr. A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi. This award was the 430th prize that Komal has won in Drawing & Painting Competition.


Reshma Heda

Reshma Heda, dentist by my profession and artist by my choice. She has
been practicing for 7-8 years now and counting on, similarly she is an
exploring artist since her childhood.

She thinks that getting outside is good for her soul. Through her art
she is trying to bring outside in.

Art is a kind of tribute to the creator of this universe, to the natural world that reminds her to slow down and reconnect with colours, happiness, fun and joy. She is a Resin Artist currently operating in Pune.

Sahiba Sawhney

Sahiba Sawhney

Sahiba Sawhney entered the world of performance art at the young age of 9 and now – after nearly a decade and a half will still regard herself as a humble student of dance.

Being stylish and graceful have always been her forte and so with her degree in Fashion Design she has founded a company called- ‘Dance Design’ that gives the best of both worlds. She has always aspired to be good at more than just one style because she believes that being a true artist means knowledge on every field and aspect of her artistry.

With ‘Dance Designs’ she aims to bring the dance community the chic-ness and sexy-ness it truly deserves!

Arpita Ranadiv

Arpita Ranadive Sathaye

Arpita Ranadive Sathaye, director at Arpita Step up Dance Academy. She started her career as a child artist, worked in several ad shoots and at a tender age of 4 started with the basics of Bharatnatyam and went on to complete her “Visharad” from Mumbai University.

She has been certified and trained under the Imperial society of teacher’s dancing” (ISTD) London. she has done her ballroom dancing and training with Sandeep Sopparkar.

To add feather in her cap, she is a certified teacher and a member of the Dancesport International (DSI) with the international circuit in dancing.

Just Appetite

Jyoti Rajput

Just Appetite Culinary School was founded by the acclaimed cookery passionate, Jyoti Rajput, in 2016 in Mumbai. Studying Law, passionate on cuisines, enjoying meals and wants to develop the Culinary School to and Academy in near future.

She is outstanding in her subject and is blessed with the culinary liking from his dad who is well know in the National and International Hoteliering Sector.

Just Appetite (Culinary School) Marie from 2016 took Mumbai by surprise where in all professional chefs for the industry teach to develop skills on world-wide cuisine to the students to stand up and compete in the growing food industry.

To add feather in her cap, she is a certified teacher and a member of the Dancesport International (DSI) with the international circuit in dancing.

The Paint Social

Ruchi Mehta

Ruchi Mehta, Founder at The Paint Social. It was the love for color and quirky doodles that gave birth to this multifaceted idea. Although a Biotech and MBA graduate, founder Ruchi Mehta always harbored a passion for art and decided to throw a little painting party to test the waters.

Ruchi spent most of her formative years in her pharmaceutical family business. However, it was the love for art that gave birth to her brainchild in 2016.

Although nervous about the outcome, she was convinced about turning her hobby into a passion after the rousing welcome the concept got.

Rahul Saxsena

Rahul Saxena

Rahul Saxena has carved a niche for himself in the world of entertainment as an accomplished artistic director, educator, choreographer, and dancer. He has been a pivotal figure in the dance world for over fifteen years.

He was soon selected by Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited as one of the top ten male finalists in India. Having specialized in various Latin American dance forms and the conventional Indian dance forms, bringing both audiences together.

He founded and saw the informal incorporation of a western dance institute, now popularly known as RSDC. Since then there has been no looking back for him.


Aman Singh Gujral

Aman Singh Gujral, the founder of Adagio, tells us that the idea behind starting Adagio was purely due to the honest and passionate love for an appreciation of art and music and to simplify the process for learning music especially an instrument like the guitar, which he is very passionate about.

The word ‘Adagio’ according to Gujral, is a musical tempo ranging within 66 to 76 bpm syncing with natural body rhythm or heart rate.

The literal meaning of Adagio in Italian would be “at ease’’. Soon after that, we decided to drop the slogan “It’s a state of mind”, to have a broad scope for other analog activities for the future.


Damini Sargam

Painting for her is a means of self-expression and self-reflection. She chooses themes and subjects which are close to her heart and which she can feel.

Born and brought up in India, she learned to paint at a very early age and have a rooted appreciation for art and culture. She graduated in mass media from Mumbai but chose to paint since she feels she can best express her innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires through it.

She believes that there are many paths to the top of the mountain and every artist has his own. She is a self-taught artist. Painting is a meditation for me wherein I put my energy and I am surrendered to it.

urban kala

Savita Gopal

Savita Iyer Gopal is the partner and co-founder of urban Kala. She is interested in creating and distance that is familiar to the world around us but is ambiguous, general, and abstracted. It is her technique to intersect geometric shapes, overlap, pile up and ultimately create a beautiful design that we are forward to learn.

Her works explore the relationship between primary and secondary colors.
She is also fond of jewelry making and thinks the engaging different types of beads and making it as one piece is happiness and everyone should learn the art.

Soulful Muzic

Nikhil Ambokar

Nikhil Amborkar is the string, rhythm & blow instructor in Soulful Muzik Academy. He thinks the Way Of Teaching Music Is By Making The Learner Learn Few Songs Or By Making Them Appear For Some Exams.

By Playing / Singing Few Songs Or By Appearing For Exams & By Collecting Few Certificates Can Never Make U Understand Music’s Soul.
Because by Appearing In An Exam U Can Just Learn A Few Things From A Book. & By Playing Few Songs U Can Just Play Those Songs, & Learning Music Never Means By Hearting A Book Or Playing Just a Few Songs.

grahin institute of art.

Kinjal Joshi Pednekar

Kinjal Joshi pednekar is the entrepreneur at the grahin institute of art. Former equity advisor at Religare. Former Assistant Manager at Religare securities ltd. She Studied at KPB Hinduja College.

She believes in helping a serious young student with potential in compiling his portfolio when applying for an art or entrance exam etc. A retired old person may be seeking a fun way to fill up an otherwise empty life.

A stress-ridden executive may be seeking solace and relaxation in the routine.


Sheetal Doshi

Sheetal Doshi is the founder of 9blooms and her aim is to create a happy customer base who love plants around them and appreciate the beauty of nature. she creates an experience of freshness with every bloom.

9blooms equip our patrons with basic knowledge of the plant they possess and develop in them the curiosity to learn more about these plants.

Let’s have a beautiful, low maintenance live plant that oxygenates the atmosphere in every office and house and on every desk that breathes freshness.



Nikita is the founder of Kokopelli Art. Her brand goes by the name Kokopelli Arts and she works with alcohol inks and resin.

A self-taught artist based in Mumbai. I work with Alcohol inks and resin. It is the conflict of control over the fluid movement that I enjoy the most.

Arora Cooking Classes

Saloni Arora

Saloni Arora is the founder of Arora cooking classes. I am passionate about teaching cooking to help enhance your kitchen skills. I have been teaching since 1994 and I find great joy in seeing my students learn to cook extremely tasty food in simple, easy to understand methods.

Classes are conducted in a way to kindle and promote interest in the art of cooking. Reward to me is receiving excellent feedback from my students and their families. I ensure I give personalized attention to each student and I welcome all questions and doubts to build confidence.

I believe that a cookery teacher can be judged by how many students return after the first class, to learn other cuisines and I am humbly proud to say that my students love returning to me again and again to learn more.

Magic Cellar

Gargi Kothari

Gargi Kothari is the founder of Magic Cellar in May 2016. After trying her hand at professions ranging from research to advertising to wedding planning, Gargi Kothari finally found her calling when she decided to give the subject of wine a shot. After being formally introduced to wine for just a day at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 1 course, she was hooked.

She passed her WSET Level 3 with distinction in 2014. For 3 years, she worked with one of India’s finest importers of boutique wines where she held the Marketing camp; Training position.

ince May 2016 Gargi has curated multiple wine experiences like tastings, multi-course dinners and wine trails under her company Magic Cellars!

Creative Jack

Swati Sanghvi

Swati Sanghvi is the founder of Creative Jack that is home to all your Creative Needs – right from Unique & creative products, extraordinary items, vintage treasures, DIY Activities to unique handcrafted pieces, we have it all for each one of you.

We don’t just sell art supplies but also create great artists with our unique & easy fun workshops, classes & intensive courses – there is something for everyone. Our vision is to incorporate Art in every corner of life whether you are at a party, get-together or your place of work.

Art has a very important role to play in everyone’s lives. And hence, we wish to share our passion for teaching Art to people in their various stages of life in our little fun way.